15 Point checklist before you start building your mobile app

Posted by Atul Gunjal on Oct 12, 2017 10:42:21 AM
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Are you planning to develop a mobile app? Great... Here is a 15 point check list before you even get started with it.

15 Points checklist before you start building your mobile app

Scoping and high level estimation of any mobile app development can be simplified using a simple checklist approach. It helps in refining your initial requirements and ensures that the mobile app's scope of work is clearly defined. It allows you to capture a prospect’s needs at very high level. 

  1. Which platfrom/OS does the app need to run on? 
  2. What's the app about? 
     Hardware, IoT
     E-commerce / Shopping
     Social Networking
     Tools / Utilities
     Maps and Navigation
     Lifestyle & Hobby

  3.  Does it need to be Hybrid or Native app, what is the level of device integration needed? 
     Basic Controls with limited device integration
     Native UI Controls with deep device interration
     Not sure (go with option native option)

  4. Which devices do you need to support? 

  5. How does user enroll to the use the app?
     Using email
     Using social login
     Using authenticator or third party service

  6. Does the app need a payment feature? 
     Third party interface
     In-app purchasing

  7. Does the app need geolocation feature? 

  8. Does the app need to support external api integration? 

  9. Does the app need to support lists / grids / tabs? 

  10. Does the app integrate with any existing apps? 
     Ticket Management
     Appointment Schedule

  11. What type of content does the app need to support? 
     Photo/ Video/ Audio

  12. How does the app expect the user to engage with it?

  13. Does app need support to the push-notifications? 

  14. Does the app need to track user interaction?

  15. Does the app have a admin/cloud backend?

Using this simple 15 point checklist you will get resonable idea of the initial scope of work. Mobile app development life cycle is relatively short, but relative to the life cycle of the app itself, it isn't insignificant. Knowing what you are getting into and planing upfront can help you in getting the app faster to market and help you in introducing new features progressively with new versions of the app. 

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