Modernize your legacy web applications using React, Angular or Vue

Posted by Atul Gunjal on May 8, 2018 10:12:56 AM

Transition from DHTML+CSS+JQuery to React, Angular or Vue


We have to accept the fact that to web application evolve fast. Web development is challenging, and the way we do web development has changed. The user experience and capabilities of your legacy apps can be enhanced by leveraging modern UI frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.

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Custom Enterprise App Development - Does the vendor have the capacity to deliver your web and or mobile development projects for your digital transformation?

Posted by Atul Gunjal on May 4, 2018 9:37:33 AM

Most of my prospective customers ask me questions related to IWORKTECH’s delivery capabilities. It is consequential, because the primary reason why my prospects want to outsource their software development work to us it that, they are would like to delegate part of their work to an extended and trusted team that can deliver, and the one they could not develop in-house with the time and resources they have allocated to to them.

Hence, it is vital to ensure that IWORKTECH’s core competency lies in software development. It is essential for my customer to select us because we have specialized core skills that are needed for the executing project.

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Agile DevOps - Case of using Jenkins for multiple sites, implementations, and environments for .NET Cloud Apps (Part-1)

Posted by Ramesh Kumhar on May 2, 2018 9:19:16 AM



We faced several challenges working with our existing CI systems, namely Bamboo and TeamCity, while setting up our CI/CD pipelines on on-prem private cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructure for our clients. To overcome these challenges we decided to evaluate Jenkins, and to our surprise everything went seamlessly. It took us some time before we could get the 'msbuild' to work. After installing Visual Studio build tools on the build servers, msbuild started working smoothly. In this blog I'll try to outline the challenges and steps we followed to get our complete CI/CD environment setup and configured with Jenkins

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Enterprise Mobility Challenges — Mobile platform for lifestyle management

Posted by Atul Gunjal on Apr 26, 2018 11:23:15 AM

Managing a healthy lifestyle boils down to habits. Choices and habits can be changed when we know or learn more about their impact on us.  

The fast pace of today’s world brings with it many distractions and less time to relax. It’s easy to forget what your body needs. Luckily, the very mobile device that sometimes acts as distractions can also be used to promote healthy living.

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Strategies for Mobile Testing : Test early in the Development Cycle

Posted by Ameet Shedge on Apr 24, 2018 10:30:00 AM
Testing mobile application is never easy. It is becoming more complex each day, with release of new devices the complexity grows by many factorials. When the combination of new hardware & software come into play the app in production apps testing has to be automated. It is true that QA activities are considered a “cost center" vis-a-vis development, however QA is the  MOST important process in software development and release mobile app on the store. In the competitive mobile app market one has to solve puzzle related usability, functionality and performance by keeping an eye on the project budget. 
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Top Valuable Brands in the Data Economy

Posted by Atul Gunjal on Apr 11, 2018 10:00:00 AM

These titans- Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft looks unstoppable. These are five most valuable firms which are listed on stock exchange. According to the Economist, they collectively earned $25 bn in net profit in the first quarter of 2017. The Giants deal in data, the oil of the digital era.

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Challenges of tracking learner's experience and measuring its impact

Posted by Ameet Shedge on Feb 15, 2018 1:54:49 PM

Training managers are always faced with the challenges of capturing learner's experience and measuring its impact

The big questions for training development managers and their organizations are:

  • Is the training helping our business to run smoothly and grow?
  • What's the impact of the training we provide and does it align our business objectives?
  • What it ROI on the investments we have made in training tools and subscriptions?

These are frequently tossed around and with wide-ranging implications, yet as cavalier, they might seem they are difficult questions to answer, if not impossible. It would only be simpler if the training systems or tools could capture the learner’s behavior, experience, and engagement, which can then be analyzed in a way that could address these questions. Now, is there anything out there, that does this, well there is and it's in its infancy. There are specifications (xAPI) and tools build on industry standards called the "learning record store" (LRS) that could augment your LMS or the learning tools and it can track the learner's experience.

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Increase employee engagement and performance through gamification

Posted by Ameet Shedge on Jan 31, 2018 1:31:20 AM

Gamification is a valuable tool. It intensifies engagement, performance, competitiveness and involvement of the participants. Using it for training can elevate the understanding of the content and impact outcomes that educators have come to expect.

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Peer-to-peer learning: Share your knowledge and experience while learning

Posted by Atul Gunjal on Jan 23, 2018 10:19:00 AM

How students/learners cultivate skills and enhance their knowledge through peer learning?

StackOverflow is not merely a reference site, it is a consequence of collaborative knowledge sharing on the global scale.  It reveals a new way of sharing expertise and knowledge via a nontraditional method.  Typically, a student or learner has a problem/issue, so they search on google for answers, and wolla there is StackOverflow in the search results. 90% of the time they'll find a solution. This way of sharing knowledge and experience is very practical. StackOverflow then resulted in StackExchange which is a collection of over 100 sites and growing to share knowledge in domains other then programming

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Gamification and scenario based learning for energy auditors (Part 1)

Posted by Ameet Shedge on Jan 18, 2018 8:37:00 AM

In this two part blog series we'll explore how we helped our client to train their energy auditors by building a learning gamification platform and using a scenario based learning approach with Adobe Captivate. In Part 1, we'll explore what an energy audit is, who performs it and what the common challenges are. In Part 2, we'll explore the learning gamification platform and scenario based learning approach we developed to overcome those challenges.

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