Custom Enterprise App Development - Does the vendor have the capacity to deliver your web and or mobile development projects for your digital transformation?

Posted by Atul Gunjal on May 4, 2018 9:37:33 AM
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Most of my prospective customers ask me questions related to IWORKTECH’s delivery capabilities. It is consequential, because the primary reason why my prospects want to outsource their software development work to us it that, they are would like to delegate part of their work to an extended and trusted team that can deliver, and the one they could not develop in-house with the time and resources they have allocated to to them.

Hence, it is vital to ensure that IWORKTECH’s core competency lies in software development. It is essential for my customer to select us because we have specialized core skills that are needed for the executing project.

Even though I sit on the other side of the table, I am sensitive to concerns that bother my prospects. In the current blog, I will list some of the concerns and my thoughts on the approach one can take.

Concern #1: Is the vendor sufficiently experienced?

Ensure that the selected vendor has the requisite experience. One has to ensure that the vendor has previous experience in designing and developing products similar to the one you wish to outsource.

Concern #2: How much is the charge for the project?

Get quotation of the total cost of the project from similar vendors. It is important to compare costs and establish a fit. Select the one who fits in your budget and delivers expected quality results. It is a good idea if the prospect has a list of CTQ (Critical to Quality) parameters.

You need to understand how the vendor has arrived at the cost. It is crucial to understand one-time and recurring cost components.

Concern #3: Is the vendor trustworthy?

The overall standing of the vendor to hire is vital. You need to ask for referrals. Reviews given by the past clients served by the vendor can give you an idea of vendor’s strength and weakness.  A reputable vendor will honor the agreement and deliver the project as agreed upon.

Concern #4: How are the vendors financial and operational strength?

Mostly, the project selected for outsourcing are short to mid-term endeavors. Hence it is essential that software development vendor is stable financially and operationally. It is prudent not to hire a vendor whose financial and operational stability is either questionable or uncertain.

Concern #5: Who owns the Intellectual Property Rights?

It is crucial to make clear to the selected vendor that ownership rights reside with you and the code is transfer to you once the project is complete.


At least consider the above factors before you settle into your software development vendor for your project.

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